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Order tyres with Webbs Autos in Nailsea

If you're looking for a great deal on a new set of tyres in Nailsea then look no further than Webbs Autos. We order and receive tyres on a daily basis from our local suppliers, and our quick turn around ensures that we can offer you the best possible prices. All tyres ordered before 12.30 can be supplied and fitted on the same day (T&C) apply. All tyre brands are available if required.

If you're interested in getting some new tyres fitted, please give us a call on 01275 851326 or get in touch via our contact form.

Wheel alignment with Webbs Autos

We have the latest Bosch wheel alignment and tyre fitting equipment and will give you a print out with before and after information to keep with our service history.

If you'd like to get booked in for wheel alignment, give us a call on 01275 851326 and we'll get you booked in.

What is (TPMS) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre pressure monitoring systems are electronic systems built into vehicles to primarily alert the driver to a low tyre pressure situation. Many vehicles are now very sophisticated and have individual sensors mounted within the wheels that transmit the exact pressure in the tyre to the vehicle ECU. TPMS report real-time tyre pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, via either a gauge, a pictogram display, or a low-pressure warning light. Should this pressure fall below a pre-determined threshold, the vehicle will display a warning on the dashboard.

TPMS Legislation

TPMS has now been around on regular cars for well over 15 years, but relatively recent changes to legislation meant that from November 2012 all new car models had to be equipped with TPMS and from November 2014, every single newly registered car had to be fitted with a tyre pressure warning system as standard.

Importantly, the TPMS system for cars registered from 1st January 2012 is tested as part of the MOT. If the system is not working as designed, there will be a flashing TPMS warning light on the dashboard when the electrics are initially switched on. This light will eventually go solid, usually after a minute or so, but in this situation the system would fail the MOT. Therefore it is important that the pressure warning system is regularly checked for faults.

The video below from Tyresafe outlines how a TPMS works and the best methods of looking after it.

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